• Referees Corner


    Referee Information

    Referee reports can be scanned and emailed to hunterscreek@globalpremiersoccer.com . They can also be physically mailed to the following address:  HCSC C/O GPS FL, 933 Lee Road, Ste 401, Orlando FL 32810. The preferred method is to scan and email the reports, that way both parties have a record of the report.  

    Games cannot be paid without a complete report being submitted. Please be sure to include team codes and proper location, date & time to ensure prompt payment. We have had numerous problems in the past with missing or incorrect information and this has caused pay delays.

    If you have not submitted a W-9 for this year, please do so as soon as possible.  All submitted reports should contain your correct mailing address, to ensure that you received your checks in a timely manner.

    Click Here for W-9 Form
    Click Here for FYSA Game Report

    Support Our Referees

    It is important that we all take the time to appreciate our referee's and the work they do for youth sports across the country.  They dedicate their weekends to providing a service so the children of our community can go and play the game that they love. 

    Without a referee, we have no game. Like everyone; players, coaches, and parents, they are out there doing their best so we can all enjoy the game. We should try and remember this the next time we feel the need shout out and verbally attack an official. 

    Interested in becoming a Referee in Hunters Creek Area?
    For any inquiries regarding becoming a referee please contact our Referee Assignor Cheryl Groth at plezewiludoagame13@gmail.com

    In-house Recreational Soccer Rules

    For all ages, the main aims and objectives of the Saturday game should be to:

    • Maximize playing time and minimize stoppages, letting the game flow as much as possible.
    • Put into practice what the players have learned during the week, enjoying the game, and get plenty of touches on the ball. Winning should never be a focus at this level.
    • Ensure the players have lots of fun!

    In each game, every player should get equal playing time on the field, with roll-on/roll-off subs. The games will be 4 x 12 minute quarters, with 60-second water breaks at the end of the first and third quarter and a 5-minute halftime.

    Specific game rules

    Number of players on field – 7 players for each team including the goalkeeper. Substitutions are unlimited and are to be performed at any stoppage in play. Additionally, if the game is lopsided (i.e. one team winning heavily), the winning team may remove a player from the field to play a player down, or the losing team may add an extra player to the field.

    Restarts – At the start of each half and after a goal, play will start with a kickoff from the center. There will be goal kicks, (at every goal kick the opposing team must retreat into their own half) corners and throw-ins from the sidelines. There will be no foul throws, the player will be explained on what they did wrong and asked to retake it to correct it. If any player happens to make a foul we must explain to them what they did wrong and educate them on the game and making sure they do not do it in future. A free kick may be awarded if the play has not already stopped.

    Game officials’ notes

    We ask that any game officials take into account that the HCSC recreational program may have some players that are still very inexperienced and that as these are not “Competitive” games we ask that all game officials should be considerate in their ruling accordingly.

    For example, back passes picked up by a goalkeeper should not be penalized – if it is a blatant back pass then the play should be stopped and both players educated on the rule. Play should then resume from the goalkeeper. Also, unless a player is “cherry picking” there should only be the very loose application of the offside rule, always giving the benefit to the attacking team.

    Please also note that each HCSC recreational team has a parent volunteer coach who gives up their free time to help the players on game day. These volunteers are often also improving their own knowledge of the game at the same time, so if they ever ask any questions or make a mistake it’s important that game officials are patient with them and educate them by explaining the rulings clearly in a polite manner.

    Our aim is to make the games as enjoyable as possible for the players. Creating a positive and fun learning environment is the responsibility of all coaches, parents and game officials.