Calling all Premier boys born between 2000 and 2008 that are looking for international soccer training. Hunter’s Creek Soccer is partnering with Brasilis Futebol Clube in Agues de Lindoia, Brazil to offer the opportunity for HCSC players to participate in the Brasilis FC Youth Academy training!
Brasilia Futebol Clube is a 5-star training facility approximately 2.5 hours north of São Paulo. This is a unique opportunity for our players to train with a top Brazilian youth academy alongside its youth academy players. HCSC players will train alongside the Brazilian players, as well as sleep and eat with them in their on-site dormitory.

HCSC players will train twice per day in a very high-level of technical and physical training. This opportunity will be both mentally and physically challenging, as our HCSC players will train alongside Brazilian players that are working to earn their livelihood from the game of soccer. The training will be exciting and fun, but will also be at a very high intensity and competitiveness.
Jul 5: Travel to Brazil (Orlando –> Campinas)
Jul 6: Training (2x per day)
Jul 7: River Rafting*
Jul 8: Training (2x per day)
Jul 9: Training (2x per day)
Jul 10: Training (2x per day)
Jul 11: Training (2x per day)
Jul 12: Training (2x per day)
Jul 13: Tour Museum of Soccer AND watch São Paulo FC vs Palmira (VIP section, incl dining)*
Jul 14: Training (2x per day)
Jul 15: Return to US (Campinas –> Orlando)
*coordinated with local Brazilian contact
Trip Costs
Informational Meeting
We are hosting an informational meeting for interested parents and players at 9am on Saturday, June 1 at Vista 3 to answer any questions you may have.
While this specific opportunity is only available for our boys, HCSC will be working on other partnership training opportunities for our girls.
Commitment Date
In order to book this opportunity, HCSC will need your commitment by 12pm on Monday, June 3. More details will be available and communicated at the informational meeting on June 1st.
If you would like to communicate your interest prior to the June 1st meeting, please reach out to us at Please note that parents are required to attend the informational meeting alongside their players.