• The Hunter’s Creek Soccer Club Premier program is for young soccer players who aspire to achieve excellence in their game. Our emphasis is player-centric with development the number one priority. We focus on the technical, tactical, physical and psychological development of individual players on a pathway towards maximizing their full potential.

    Through the partnership with GPS and FC Bayern Munich, the HCSC Premier program is modeled on the world renowned FC Bayern Munich youth development program, with HCSC coaches receiving access to curriculum straight from the FC Bayern training ground.

    At Hunter’s Creek Soccer Club we pride ourselves on our professionalism, the care we show to our players and our families and the respect afforded to each and every player who enters the HCSC family. We want each player to enjoy their time with the club, be challenged in a positive coaching environment and improve themselves as players and as people as they progress through the HCSC player development pathway.

    Hunter’s Creek Soccer Club provides access through its own programs as well as its partnership with GPS to local, state and national level programming. All players will conduct themselves at all times in accordance with the HCSC Premier Team player code of conduct and all players will be treated as equals.


    Player Placement

    Player placement will be decided by the HCSC coaching staff at the Premier Program tryouts in May prior to the start of the season. Players will be offered placement on a team at a tier that best suits their current developmental stage, their potential ability and also their availability to commit to the competitive calendar of the particular tier.

    Uniform Package

    The HCSC Premier uniform packages will run on a 2 year lifecycle. This means that uniform purchased for this upcoming season will be used for 2 years (so players will use the same uniform for 2017/18 as well as 2018/19). However, individual items will be able to be replaced at any given time.

    Each player will need to purchase their uniform directly from our new supplier, We Got Soccer, who are providing us with our very own online storefront from which players can purchase their uniforms. Uniforms will be available for purchase immediately after acceptance to the Premier Program, and will ship to families in August. Players must have ordered and received uniform prior to June 15th.

    Additional Technical / Strength and Conditioning Practices

    These practices will form the 3rd/4th sessions of the week for the Elite tier, and are an optional addition to the Select and Competitive Rec tier. These practices will be club-based rather than team-based, as the exercises and activities will be focused on improving individual ability, rather than any group/tactical ability. 

    At the younger age groups, these sessions will focus on individual technique and ball mastery, but will also include elements of balance, agility and coordination. At the older age groups, strength and conditioning will be more of a focus during pre-season stages of the season, with individual technique and ball mastery taking more of an emphasis when the season is in full swing.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our Executive Director, Mickey Briscoe, at info@hunterscreeksoccer.com or 321-251-4920.