Hunter’s Creek Soccer Club’s Adult League is now open for registration. The season starts September 11th. The 6v6 format games will take place on Sundays at Brandon Coates Park.

About The League

6v6, co-ed

Ages 30 and older

Sep 11th – Oct 30th (8 games + Top 4 playoffs)

$30/mo (2 mos + $29 registration)

Includes 2 jerseys

All games professionally refereed

Register by Sep 1st

Registration Information

Every player must register themselves on the TeamSnap.

There is a question that asks if you HAVE A TEAM or NEED A TEAM.

If you HAVE A TEAM, put the name of your team captain or team name in the TeamSnap registration form. We will make sure you’re placed together.

If you NEED A TEAM, specifically say “need a team” on the TeamSnap registration form. We will organize the groups together.

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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Hunter’s Creek Soccer Club!
Hunter’s Creek Soccer Club (HCSC) began as a Non-Profit recreational club in 2001, organized by a group of residents and parents for the community’s children to play and enjoy the game of soccer. Over time, the club grew in size and added a Premier Program for the kids to further develop their soccer skills. Today, HCSC is proud to offer one of the largest recreational programs in Central Florida complemented by a strong and competitive Premier Program that competes across the state of Florida for both boys and girls.

Registration and Payment
Upon successful payment of the Adult Registration Fee, you are considered registered with Hunter’s Creek Soccer Program. This registration fee is non-refundable, unless an Act of God prohibits the program from occurring.

Below are all the policies, codes of conduct, and waivers that must be agreed to in order to complete your registration. Please read this in full before signing the agreement.


All players will conduct themselves at all times in accordance with the HCSC Code of Conduct; all players will be treated as equals.

Players General Conduct
– Always conduct yourself with respect.
– Always respect other people and property – you are an ambassador for the club at all times
– Attend all training sessions and games punctually.
– Always wear shin guards for all training and matches.
– Always warm-up and warm-down before and after training and matches.
– Always help with equipment during practice. You should not need to be asked.
– Always get a good night’s sleep prior to any games.
– Learn the rules of the game.
– Have a good attitude, both on and off the field.
– Keep the club fully informed of any injuries or matters that may affect performance.
– Give adequate notice for all absences from training and games. Be honest in all dealings with the club.

Players Game Conduct
– Always show good sportsmanship.
– Accept any decision given by the referee.
– Never retaliate, verbally or physically, no matter what the provocation may be.

Note #1: Players wishing to speak to the club about any issue should e-mail in advance. The club requires a 24 hour cooling off period after any event. (if it is a game on a Sunday, this may apply until the Tuesday after the weekend). This is to allow any in-the-moment emotions to subside, which will allow for a better forum to discuss the issues with reason and understanding on both sides.

Note #2: There is a ZERO tolerance policy on threats or abuse made to club staff, game officials, board members, or players made by other players or family members. Any party found to be guilty of this will be sanctioned by the Club – including potential removal from the Club and it’s programs – in the first instance of this happening, with no refund or appeal process. Any decisions regarding this are at the sole discretion of the Club and it’s Directors.

Note #3: Fighting will result in immediate 1-year ban; no appeals

Note #4: Red Cards
▪ 1st card = 1 game suspension + $50 fine before playing again
▪ 2 red cards in one season results in ban for remaining season
▪ Teams with 3+ red cards in one season are banned for rest of season

Note #5: Referee Report is the official game report

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