• About Us

  • Hunter's Creek Soccer Club (HCSC) was established as a recreational club in 2001 by a group of residents and parents for the community's children to play and enjoy the game of soccer. Over time, the club grew in size and added a premier program for the kids to further develop their soccer skills. Today, HCSC is proud to offer one of the largest recreational programs in Central Florida complemented by strong premier teams for both boys and girls.

  • HCSC's philosophy is based on a player-centric approach in which long term individual player development is the number one priority. HCSC seeks to develop technical, skillful, creative and intelligent players who aspire to play exciting and attacking soccer based around a modern and progressive possession-based system.

    HCSC provides full time professional coaches at all levels within HCSC programming, and provides curriculum and sessions designed by the full time technical department who are staffed by coaches with the highest licenses in the game.


    HCSC Code of Conduct: Players

    General Conduct

    Always conduct yourself with respect.
    Always respect other people and property – you are an ambassador for the club at all times
    Maximum effort is a minimum requirement – always take pride in your performance, even at training.
    Attend all training sessions and games punctually.
    Pay complete attention to the coaching staff.
    Always wear the appropriate training gear
    Always wear shin guards for all training and matches.
    Always warm-up and warm-down before and after training and matches.
    Always help with equipment during practice.  You should not need to be asked.
    Always get a good night’s sleep prior to any games.
    Learn the rules of the game.
    Be appreciative of your parent’s support.
    Have a good attitude, both on and off the field  

    Match Conduct

    Be proud of your appearance on the field. Make sure your cleats are polished before each training session and game.
    Always show good sportsmanship.
    Accept any decision given by the referee.
    Never retaliate, verbally or physically, no matter what the provocation may be.
    Always apply correct dress code when traveling.

    HCSC Code of Conduct: Parents

    Refrain from coaching from the sidelines. Do not shout at any players. Leave the coaching to the coaches.
    Do not talk to any match officials in any way relating to decisions in the match, before, during or after the game. Any breach of this rule can end up anywhere from parents guilty of this being banned from the field to being removed from the club entirely.
    Keep the winning of games in perspective. Player development is the most important thing. Encourage and support players.  Do not place an unwarranted amount of pressure on the players, including post-game discussions.
    Ensure that players attend training and games regularly and on time.
    Give adequate notice for all absences from training and games. Be honest in all dealings with coaching staff.
    Attend all pre-arranged parent’s meetings.
    Keep the coach fully informed of any injuries or matters that may affect performance.
    Advocate a healthy lifestyle that is appropriate to development.

    Please note: Parents wishing to speak to coaches about any issue relating to their child should e-mail in advance with a view to speaking to the coach before or after a practice or a separate time. Please refrain from addressing the coaches on the day of a game – coaches are instructed to inform parents that they are not allowed to talk with parents regarding any issues until a minimum of 24 hours after any event (and if it is a game on a Saturday morning, this may apply until the Monday after the weekend). This is so that any conversation that is had can be at a time when the event/incident can be rationally analyzed and discussed after any initial emotions have subsided (both parents and coaches), which will allow for a better forum to discuss the issues with reason and understanding on both sides. The club policy regarding club decisions/actions: (a) wait 24 hours; (b) private discussion with coach; (c) contact Technical Director; (d) contact Executive Director; (e) contact BOD.


    Please also note: there is a ZERO tolerance policy on threats or abuse made to coaching staff, game officials, board members or players made by parents, players or family members. Any party found to be guilty of this will be sanctioned by the Club - including potential removal from the Club and it's programs - in the first instance of this happening, with no refund or appeal process. Any decisions regarding this are at the sole discretion of the Club and it's Directors.